Meet Alumna Anna Casale


What was your major?

I from graduated from CAHNR in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Associates in Animal Science.

What is your current job title? Please describe your current job.

I am an Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. I manage the Environmental Health and Safety department for my company. I deal with all the injuries, hazards, ergonomics, safety guards, chemicals, confirm the company is compliant with legal regulations (state, federal, DEEP, EPA, OSHA regulations, etc.) coordinate recycling, ensure all waste is properly disposed for example used oil and coolant, and ensure all employees wear correct  personal protective equipment(PPE). I also set environmental goals for the company and have to design projects and plans on how to meet them. I certified the company in ISO 14001 and that is a yearly audit. I manage the safety committee as well and run those meetings. I have to do all staff and new employee trainings.

I also facilitate the 5S+Safety program, managing all the auditors and organize the monthly meetings and audits. Along with this program I developed a project for better efficiency in time and in floor space. I had the company buy a 3D printer that I am using to make shadow boards for all departments and gages. These shadow boards are a piece of plastic with cut outs for specific tools and or gages so everything has a home.

What was your favorite class at UConn?

Fall semester independent study with Mr. Bennett.

What UConn course did you find most useful?

EVST 1000: Introduction to Environmental Studies and NRE 4170 Climate-Human-Ecosystem Interactions

What is your fondest memory of UConn?

All of the clubs I was a part of, my on campus job (Academic Programs Office), and having horse barn hill to always go to.

Do you have any advice for current students in your major?

If you know kind of what you want to do, keep reaching for it.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience at UConn?

Meet as many people as you can at college and form those great relationships. I miss how easy it was to be able to meet someone new every day.


Anna Casale
Anna Casale

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