Faculty and Staff

For more information on UConn's undergraduate EVST Program or to schedule an appointment to declare your major or concentration please email Sara Tremblay

Program Director: Program Coordinator:
Oksan Bayulgen
Associate Professor
Political Science
Office: Oak
(860) 486-3023oksan.bayulgen@uconn.edu
sara Sara Tremblay
Program Coordinator
Environmental Sciences & Environmental StudiesOffice: Young 220
(860) 486-5218
Advisory Board:
Carol Atkinson-Palombo Geography carol.atkinson-palombo@uconn.edu
Thomas Bontly Philosophy thomas.bontly@uconn.edu 
Phoebe Godfrey Sociology phoebe.godfrey@uconn.edu
Wayne Franklin English wayne.franklin@uconn.edu
Gideon Hartman Anthropology gideon.hartman@uconn.edu
Blair Johnson Psychology blair.t.johnson@uconn.edu
Andrew Jolly-Ballantine Geography john-andrew.ballantine@uconn.edu
Carolyn Lin Communications carolyn.lin@uconn.edu
Matt McKenzie History matthew.mckenzie@uconn.edu
Anita Morzillo Natural Resources and the Environment anita.morzillo@uconn.edu
Eleanor Ouimet Anthropology eleanor.ouimet@uconn.edu
Kathy Segerson Economics kathleen.segerson@uconn.edu
Farhed Shah Resource Economics farhed.shah@uconn.edu
Jason Vokoun Natural Resources and the Environment/Environmental Sciences jason.vokoun@uconn.edu
Scott Wallace Journalism scott.wallace@uconn.edu