Meet Alumna Justine Phillips-Gallucci

Justine Phillips-Gallucci graduated from the University of Connecticut in May 2021 with a double-major in Environmental Studies (EVST) and Political Science, with a minor in Wildlife Conservation. She plans to attend Yale University this fall to pursue a Master’s of Environmental Management degree. In focusing on human/wildlife conflict in urban spaces, she will be able to study wildlife conservation as it relates to urban planning and promote safer integration of these zones. The knowledge and perspective of her professors and the inspiration provided by other students at UConn is what guided her to this path and gave her opportunities and encouragement to learn more about environmental issues and sustainability.

Justine recommends that EVST students reach out to other students within the major to gain insight into the broad interdisciplinary nature of the major. The environmental field encompasses a wide range of interests and foci, which means that reaching out to students and professors in pursuit of other paths will provide incoming and current students the opportunity to expand their horizons and perhaps find something new to add to their own course of study.

Justine Phillips-Gallucci