Meet Alumna Sarah Schechter

Sarah Schechter graduated from the University of Connecticut in May 2021 double-majoring in Environmental Studies (EVST) and Anthropology, with a minor in Geography. This fall, Sarah will be working towards her Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) degree, with a focus on Environmental Communication, from the University of Rhode Island (URI) as the MESM College of Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) Communications Fellow.

When beginning her studies at UConn, Sarah knew that she wanted to pursue an environmental degree but was unsure of how she wanted to go about that. After taking Global Climate Change and Human Societies with Dr. Eleanor Ouimet during her first semester, Sarah knew that she wanted to double-major in EVST and Anthropology, both of which were a focus in this class. She also took the Climate Corps, which led to work with CTDEEP, and multiple internships with UConn’s AdaptCT, under the direction of Dr. Juliana Barrett. Sarah also worked with Dr. Carol Atkinson-Palombo during the Sustainable Amsterdam study abroad and worked with a group to create a video about food sustainability in Amsterdam. The opportunities and connections she made at UConn have spurred her love for environmental communication and provided her the tools to pursue it further. She recommends that EVST students reach out to their professors and make connections because they may end up learning about research opportunities that they’re interested in. She encourages students to get involved in things around campus as well, including clubs, service-learning classes, and volunteer opportunities that will allow them to connect with other environmentally conscious students to learn from them as well.

Alumna Elina Cate Griggs